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Jazz Circus Collective

The Jazz Circus Collective consists of 5 highly experienced Groovy DJ’s, which can be extended with one or more live musicians to add up to the total atmosphere. The Jazz Circus Collective can be booked for festivals, venues and B2B or private parties. You can book a single Jazz Circus Collective DJ, the whole DJ crew and add up with Sax, Trumpet, Perccussion, Flute or you name it. Ask us a question so we can advise on the perfect mix!

DJ’s & ArtistsJazz Circus DJ and many guest artists

This page and total website is to promote Jazzdance in the Netherlands as a whole. It is meant to show the audience who was and/or still is strongly involved in the Jazzdance or related dance scenes. For visitors it may be the most favorite page to listen t0 DJ’s, or to learn more about them!

For bookers and Music lovers

To provide content for an event asks for knowledge of the artistic market and experience in organizing synergy between live music, special acts, technique and music brought by professional DJ’s. Have a look into our network and contact us so we can advise on the “perfect mix”. All artists have earned their full credits over the last decades.

Guest performers

Saskia LarooSaskia Laroo VIP Guest @ Jazz Circus

Saskia Laroo, coined in America by press and public as ‘Lady Miles Davis of Europe’ has been going strong for over three decades. Born in 1959 in Amsterdam, she grew up in Den Ilp and went to high school in Zaandam. Her first playing experiences at age 8 were at Het Brass Band of Fanfare de Eendracht in her then hometown Den Ilp. At 18 she attended the University of Amsterdam to study mathematics, albeit briefly, soon swayed by the challenge of a professional career in music. She studied trumpet with some of the best known artist / teachers of the day: at the Muziekpedagogische Academie of Alkmaar, the Sweelinck Conservatorium (with Boy Raaymakers) in Amsterdam and the Muziekpedagogische Academie of Hilversum (with Ack van Rooyen). However promising it sounds in retrospect, Saskia’s was not a smooth beginning. It was difficult for her to get her foot in the door: “A problem with getting gigs was that nobody wanted to play with somebody as unknown as me. The trumpet player is naturally the most important person in a band. He plays the “lead” and gives all “cues” for the other musicians. Often the rejection sounded as follows: you can’t play a whole concert, you will get tired halfway because you aren’t strong enough,” according to Saskia. So, for a short time, she choose bass over trumpet as there were more requests for bass players for many gigs. “After starting to gig on bass, they put more faith in me and even began to accept me as a trumpeter as well.” By this period, Saskia had already begun booking herself. Recently Saskia joint up the Jazz Circus Collective with a first joint performance during North Sea Round Town at the Central Station in Rotterdam. Jazz Circus is proud to have that initial project with this incredible talent.



As a born performer Igor played the streets on flute at 9 years old for several years. Some kids just know what they want and got the guts to do it. When you watch Igor dance, sing, playing his saxophone, flute, trumpet and djembe you know we are dealing here with a natural musician-entertainer. Having been one of the leading dancers at the famous IT danceclub in the 90’s he seemingly has not lost the skills. Some people just don’t accept aging or gravity. Having gained the world’s title best stagedancer at the championship in Malaysia one must realise he has earned his spurs over the years. Today Igor is making use of a looper allowing him to perform solo while making use of variousinstruments building up towards a song while dancing and playing at the same time. Be it hanging upside down on a trapeze while playing the flute or dropping into a split continuing his funky play is an amazing perfomance one must have seen to believe possible. We hope you will belong to the lucky ones able to view this magician of instruments. For all of those reasons it is more than obvious that we are utmost proud to add up this amazing entertainer to our team of professional performers. As Igor makes our Jazz Circus Collective fly to the highest regions!


Tracin’ Tracy the Cool’est Jazz

A powerful blend of saxophone and guitar over a solid foundation of groovin’ drums and bass guitar is what describes Tracin’ Tracy best. Being named after a song by Blue Note guitarist Grant Green, was no coincidence, as Green’s laid back funky and groovy works are a source of inspiration for the band’s own original compositions: funk, soul, jazz and boogaloo are key ingredients. Improvisation and retrospective are characteristic elements. The goal is to play music everybody nobody can resist to dance on and will make you feel good. Jazz? Hell yeah!

Sanne Landvreugd, SaxSanne Landvreugd, on Sax

After Sanne graduated form her Music study at Codarts, she gained many performances in very different styles.
One moment she is playing world music and the next she will be performing with dj’s in any thinkable style. That’s part of her power and what she likes in music, taking part in all these different styles!
She has performed with Fra Fra sound at the Bimhuis, with Izaline Calister, Sabrina Starke and Roel Calister in a project containing poetry put on music, with The JazzJunkies and DJ Maestro at several occasions and many other occasions. One thing is for sure, it’s always about improvisation and energy. Jazz Circus is most proud to have, this icon in the Jazz culture, added up to the website. Sanne worked several time with the Jazz Circus Collective and is booked together with them on the Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz Festival and Stadspodium Rotterdam.


Sytze Krist, Percussion

Sytze was born in 1966 and started at the age of 16th in following conga’s lessons. Inspired by his favorite percussionists Paulinho Da Sytse KristCosta. From that point on he started playing in bands and developed himself into a passionated percussionist. After following a variety of workshops and playing in different formations, Sytze started own musical projects. He started a band named ‘Mojam’ with the focus on making relaxing music. Together with his band Mojam a start of the ‘Jazzy afternoon’ took place. These musical events were helt repeatingly in his hometown Middelburg. During the 80’s he was interested in Jazz Rock fusion then his music interests slightly changed into the Latin Jazz and Bossa Nova groove. Sytse is a welcome artist into the Jazz Circus Collective guests artists “clan” as we seek people who can feel the vibe!

Myrthe van de Weetering, violin

Myrthe van de Weetering (1988) is a composer, producer and musician. She has a Bachelor of Music with Honours in Peformance & myrthe-van-de-weetering-ncProduction  and a Master of Music in Composition at the Music Technology Department of the School of Art (HKU) in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Apple Certified her as a Logic Pro. During a period of three years she also took classes in jazz violin at  Utrecht Conservatory. Last but not least she also took classes in jazz double bass for one year at Utrecht Conservatory. VENUES
Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Paradiso, Melkweg, Tivoli, Tivoli de Helling, Paradox, 013, Vredenburg, Oosterpoort, de Doelen, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, SJU, Atak, Burgerweeshuis, Doornroosje, Effenaar, Ekko, Club AIR, Club Light, Groene Engel, Luxor, Merleyn, RASA, Patronaat, de Pul, Theater Kikker, Simplon, Bitterzoet, Beurs van Berlage, NAI, EYE Instituut, de Bonbonniere, Grounds, Rietveld Theater, Haus der Sinne (DE), Operaen (DK), Loppen (DK), Italian Institute of Culture (DK), Podium Mozaïque, Bellevue Theater, Theater de Brakke Grond, Tropeninstituut Theater and many more. Myrthe can be booked as guest performer of the Jazz Circus Collective. Of course the Jazz Circus Collective provides a full groove Jazz-Funk underground bass line

Renee AcdaRenee Acda, tenor sax

Renee  joined the Fanfare when he was 15 year old were he started on a soprano sax. A soprano saxophone played so badly that his dad asked if I studied Chinese music. Fortunately, he quickly got his big love: the Tenor Saxophone. From that time he has always played tenor. He strongly believes he is a born tenor man. His teachers were Ben Vraudeunt, Ferdi Schukking, Don Braden amongst many, many others. Renee started studying Jazz, Classic and Latin. Hereafter his first successful band was the Foreign Bodies where he performances for KRO-, VARA- and VPRO TV). After the Foreign Bodies he performed in Latin bands, Big bands, Jazz quartets and Soul Funk bands. He recorded in studios and played live with DJ’s. Playing the Tenor sax gives Renee the opportunity to play as a guest at the  Jazz Circus Collective. And he is welcome to do so! As the sole tenor man.

Jeroen Pek, Jazz-flautist Jeroen Pek, a Master

Based both in The Netherlands and France, Jeroen Pek is international considered as one of the leading European jazz flute players of today, renowned for his energetic power play with an enormous, joy and wide array of dynamics and colour on flute, alto-flute, bass-flute, Educci-flute and Zoo-flute. He studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Herb Geller, Ferdinand Povel, Dick Gout and Bob Brookmeyer and attended master classes of Hubert Laws, Frank Wess and David Liebman. Jeroen was flute teacher at the very same conservatory between 1991 and 1993. As a composer Jeroen Pek received honourable mentions during the composition contest of Jazz composers alliance in Boston (‘96, ’97 and ’99) and was nominated twice (‘96 and 06’) for the composition contest of the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz in Washington D.C. He received several (international) composition assignments. Today Jeroen Pek is principal flute teacher at the jazz department of the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem (The Netherlands) and gives international master classes in the field of jazz flute. The Jazz Circus is proud to have such musical caliber within their mids.



J-Sax met DJ’s

J-Sax was intrigued by music and dance as long as he can remember. At an early age he started to jam and  dance with his records. He sang along, played his guitar (like a wild man) and jammed his little drum toys.  Later on he  also brutalized the tapes he recorded from  radio and friends and he still does. It all began in church he say’s; “Latin-Mass” and “Hollywood Musical films”! But than at the age off 22 he bought a King-Cleveland alto sax, and it turned his life upside down! He started to “work” that sax and fell in love with it. Since that day his saxes are a definite part of his live. J-Sax can be booked at all events in combination with your selected DJ.


Vincent Verburg

Westcoast Jazz Dancers 04

As performer, choreographer and teacher, Verburg has worked for different choreographers, directors and festivals, theaters, dance events, schools and commercial employers. In this way he worked on all levels from low art to high Art in The Netherlands and abroad, amongst others, USA, Europe, South America, Eastern Europe and Australia. Amsterdam is his home base. As a dancer he has been inspired by diverse dance styles. From the beginning as a street dancer, from Hip Hop to Street Jazz, Modern, Butoh, Physical Theatre, Clown, African to Improvisation and multimedia. He aims to connect the different dance styles through improvisation and structure and to use what the performance needs. Verburg has related to Westcoast Net Works since the early nineties. Solo and choreographies.

Jelly Germain Ngono

Jelly returns again with his terrific style and energy to the stage at The Westcoast Jazz Circus’s. Jelly Germain Ngono uses an exciting mix of styles – versatile and complex, challenging and exciting for performers and audience alike – great creativity rooted within the Boogie Woogie dance traditions. He 10289801_398967563576566_6723348278762222879_nhas danced over the years onstage at numerous festivals across Europe and USA, and has experienced some of the greatest piano playing boogie woogie, to fill him with inspiration. He teaches and invites others to learn some of the styles and techniques, in tap dance workshop and display performances – this gives something special to the concerts and enables younger performers to join the fun of dancing alongside with that swinging rhythm. Solo and choreographies.



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