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A foundation’s heart

Westcoast Net Works is a organization founded by Dominick Bertens in 1991. Passion and hard work driven by a mission has resulted in top 100 customers. With 4 years on a row being part of North Sea Jazz, do we need to say more about our unique formula which only brings joy to the dinner or dancefloor. As we are teamed up specialists. Filled with passion!

Mission: Bring back danceable Jazz in form of full entertainment
Vision: Jazz Circus remains to be a unique concept. The market for Jazz has not left he scene since it’s existents.
Strategy: Offer performances to demonstrate the joy of Jazz oriented music.

Westcoast Artist Agency since 1991

Jazz Circus Hilton Casino Adam

First Jazz Circus 1994

The history of Westcoast Net Works goes back decades. Once started as a Free Style Jazz dancer in 1988, Dominick gathered all Jazz heads and organized performances in the Dutch Club-circuit. Besides bookings Westcoast Artist Agency already started with its first Jazz Circus. Containing live music, deejay’s, Jazz dancers, hostesses, body art, special Tribal acts and full decorations.

Today Westcoast Artists Agency is renamed to:
Westcoast Net Works, with 1.5 Million hits on the website, we are called an authority in Jazz oriented DJ’ing.

A few of our customers:


North Sea Jazz Amnesty International
North Sea Jazz Club Art, Wine Jazz Festival
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RABOBANK Delft Jazz Festival
Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz Festival Hilton Casino Amsterdam
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Rotterdam 24-cultuur Holland Casino’s
Smaak & Meer ING Bank
Sociëteit de Kring Jazz in de Gracht
Society shop Rotterdam Jazz in de Regentes
Soest Jazz Festival Jazz Salon Rotterdam
Standspodium Rotterdam Jazzcafe Dizzy
Stichting Amersfoort Jazz Jazzpodium Bird
Stichting CultMix (Saskia Laroo) Kimberly Clarck
Studentenvereniging Sanctus Laurentius Leusden Jazz Festival
Voorjaarsfair Maassluis Lucky Strike tour
Stichting Koude kilometers Luxor Theater
Green Power, Kenya Melkweg

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