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Promotor, DJ and Jazzdance embassador Dominick Bertens (Photo by Nico Brons)

Promotor, DJ and Jazzdance embassador Dominick Bertens

Five renomated DJ/producers aim to put danceable Jazz back on the cultural map. Jazzdance has the rhythm, the energy and sophistication to turn any night into a cracker!

A true DJ will dig up musical treasures from all across the board, knows a thing or two about what makes a decent Groove and reads his audience like no other.

And since his music is perfectly suited for that extra live element as well, he will gladly raise the excitement by making way for some freestyle musicianship and Jazz dancers in his set too. That quality is a given is proven by the fact that participant won the Dutch mix-championships whilst others worked with artists such as Jamiroquai, Jazzanova, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, The Fugees, New Cool Collective, Galliano and even Grace Jones.

Jazz Circus Collective, CD

Promo Mix

Core-members of the Jazz Circus Collective:

    • Deejay Cassie 6, The Message Amsterdam, Paradiso Jazzbop, many international festivals, NSJ Festival
    • Deejay’s Jazz Junkies, (Henk de Hoop, Kim Peters) Blue note Sessions, Jazz in Duketown, LowLands
    • DJ/producer, Ronny Hammond, Radio 6, Giel Beelen mixen, Supernatuaral
    • DJ Dominick Bertens, founder-producer of the Jazz Circus, DJ at North Sea Jazz Club, Jazz venue Bird and Dizzy, Holland casino’s, Hilton Casino Amsterdam, Lucky Strike and more.
    • Many guests performers

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