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We distinguish several types of events. Think main festivals with over 5.000 to 10.000+ visitors or small cultural oriented events. The jazz Circus Collective concept is modular. Meaning that you can book a single deejay with a live musician and decoration, or the total crew being: 5 Jazz-Funk deejay’s, a percussinist, a saxofonist and up to 8 Jazzdance dancers. In addition 18m2 -blacklight- backdrops and banners.

It all depends on the goal of our performances. You want to have us as “main act”, or you need us to support bands who are booked during the event. We take many variables into account, to offer a fair pricing suitable for you event. We offer “tailor made” Jazz oriented entertainment.

To be able to give some insight in our pricing model, please see below.

Indicative prices are excl. VAT
1 Jazz Circus Collective deejay (2 hours) € 350,00
1 Jazz Circus Collective musician (3x 5 to 10min acts) € 350,00
Backdrops 18m2 € 165,00
Jazzdance dancers  MOQ 2, 4 acts € 5750,00
Sound System up to 400 visitors € 250,00


For sponsored, cultural events the Jazz Circus offers up to 50% discount. Just contact us so we can see what we can do to enhance your event. Do ask which discount is applicable.

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If applicable: Plus ground travel to / from airports at no additional cost. Hotel accommodation and food and beverage. Additional costs are charged for international and/or multi day events.

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